Man, turn it to overdrive.
What trains of thought visited that man’s station?

There can only be one who did what He did and no other.
Not Beethoven, not Mozart, not Chopin, no DeBussy, not Stravinsky, not Shostakovich, and certainly not John Cage.
But they all did something.
Built off the foundation of Papa Bach, who laid the grid work for Western Music…
Kind of like Shakespeare in a sense.

The man whose organ fingers will transcend time and space;
Even by the off chance his name is forgotten.
But if humans walk this rock, than Bach will talk.
And command what we hold sacred.

But what of ragas?
And what of pentatonic thoughts?
Do these not precede the great sage?

So perhaps there is still something out there even the Great Architect of It all might give a tip of the hat towards
And steal a riff or two.

Copyright © 2010   C. E. Wernlund.  All rights reserved.                                          12/29/2010


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