About Us

• The first rule of Write Club is: Finish your thought.

• The second rule of Write Club is: Share your thought.

Write Club:
In a relaxed creative environment, several writers generate volumes of poetry based on prompts.  Write Club is not a workshop, but a group of similarly motivated writers; members share work with each other and comment on the work of others with any observations or helpful suggestions they wish to offer, but the primary goal is not to edit and critique—it is simply to generate spontaneous poetry for the sake of writing.  Write Club believes that fostering a creative spirit requires dedication, shown by regular involvement and the willingness to transcribe one’s own poetry written during the physical sessions.  Write Club members have the opportunity to submit their work for “READ THIS,” and will be eligible for selection to present at the Raleigh Write Club Reading Series.

There are two aspects to Write Club:
The online sessions and the physical sessions.

The online site, raleighwriteclub.wordpress.com, is currently the public face of Write Club and its associations.  Write Club members and online contributers voluntarily submit poems they wish to share and maintain copyrights to all submitted work.  Site users will be able to comment and discuss poems of their choice, creating a forum between Write Club members, contributers, and readers. On the site, the public can access past and present issues of “READ THIS,” as well as select pieces from the physical Write Club sessions.  Information about the Raleigh Reading Series will be updated monthly, with short bios about each presenter.

The physical sessions are a small, select gathering of the core members of Write Club who get together once a week to engage in the process of smithing words.  There are currently three core members of Write Club:

C. E. Wernlund (Founder and Editor)

Joshua Booth (Co-Founder and Editor in Chief)

Brenna T. Leath (Editor and Operations Manager)
Currently, we do not have any physical sessions planned open to the general public although in there future, there will be open Write Club sessions at coffee shops, the art museum, bars, or wherever is appropriate.


READ THIS: A Poetry and Arts Magazine
“READ THIS” is a self-published grassroots magazine designed for public circulation in the Triangle community. Write Club members have the opportunity to submit their own poetry, and to vote on poems they would like to see included in the magazine. The goal of “READ THIS” is not only to showcase the products of Write Club, but to spark an interest for creative writing and local art in the community at large. Visual artists are encouraged to submit work for “READ THIS,” as well as short fiction and prose writers.

The Raleigh Reading Series
The reading series consists of selected poets who speak in a public environment.  The series is designed to be an outlet for live poetry outside both Write Club and the realm of academia, though Write Club members, students, professors, and the general public are all encouraged to apply for a reading slot.  Write Club members have preferred eligibility for selection as presenters, should they express interest an affinity for the spoken word as well as the written.  The Reading Series has been honored to include such distinguished readers as Dorianne Laux and Dr. Jon Thompson.


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